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Reinventing fuel-based power for the net-zero future

Replacing the diesel generator

The diesel generator continues to play a vital role in delivering power when and where it is needed for applications ranging from construction and mining to grid balancing and even EV charging.

At IPG, we’re using breakthrough flameless combustion technology to deliver a clean-and-green alternative to this dispatchable, distributed power source and enable businesses to end their reliance on diesel.

Rendered image of the IPG Flameless Generator

The IPG Flameless Generator

Breakthrough flameless combustion technology and high-temperatures combine to deliver a clean-and-green replacement for the diesel generator

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One product for any fuel

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Eliminate the flame, eliminate the emissions

Low cost: 
High efficiencies and no precious materials
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The IPG Flameless Generator delivers pollutant-free power from any fuel, when and where it is needed. Our product increases resiliency and accelerates the transition to renewable fuels for a wide range of businesses in both off-grid and grid-integrated applications.

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Ending our reliance on diesel generators in temporary power applications such as construction and mining

EV Charging

Unlocking net-zero EV charging, where grid availability constrains carbon reduction ambitions

Grid balancing

Renewable, dispatchable fuel-based power for a more resilient, optimised and secure energy system

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Our partners

"Grid access and capacity issues, as well as the infeasibility of on-site solar and wind, is a barrier for EV charging in many locations. 


Highways England is funding this project to assess how IPG's turbine technology could present a solution for delivering power at a competitive cost while improving air quality, that would alleviate grid stress in high-use areas, as well as enabling remote locations to facilitate EV charging.”


Brian Cull, Senior Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer, Highways England

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Reinventing fuel-based power for the renewable future to support industries and businesses to replace their diesel generators.

About IPG

IPG is founded and run by a group of serial entrepreneurs. Our team combines decades of technology and design expertise with a breadth of experience in rapid development and commercial delivery.

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To learn more about IPG’s breakthrough technology, join our latest funding round or find out how to get involved with our pilot trials programme, contact us:

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