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Replacing your diesel

generators made simple:

The IPG Flameless Generator

The IPG Flameless Generator delivers clean, on-demand power from any fuel, for healthier jobsites and a secure roadmap to ditching diesel at scale.

Delivering clean, zero-carbon power in …


Discover how the IPG Flameless Generator can enable you to switch to renewable fuels and reduce carbon today without risk and eliminate dangerous pollution for healthier jobsites. 

Your business

The IPG Flameless Generator delivers clean, reliable power from any fuel for an energy-secure route to net-zero emissions. Whether it’s for construction, events or grid-scale utilities, if you want to learn about piloting our product in your business, get in touch.

De-risk the net-zero transition:

One generator that operates on any fuel, at the flick of a switch.

Simple technology for easy diesel genset replacement

A plug-and-play solution packaged in a standard 20 ft shipping container that can be deployed stand-alone or alongside battery storage.

Pollution-free power for healthier jobsites

Flameless Combustion prevents the formation of NOx, CO and PM to enable compliance with evolving air quality limits and health and safety standards.

Fuel-agnostic for sustainable power you can rely on 

Seamlessly switch between the low-carbon fuels of today and tomorrow’s zero-carbon alternatives, and protect against changing fuel markets.

Industry recognition

IPG Energy in the media

The only generator you need for the zero-carbon jobsite of the future.

Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business. 


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