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The Manufacturer features IPG CEO in latest podcast

The Manufacturer Podcast, a podcast by premiere industry publication The Manufacturer that gives voice to the inspiring people in the manufacturing sector, hosts our CEO Toby Gill to discuss how the manufacturing industry can do more to support the production of vital climate-tech innovations.

Here, Toby highlights that almost half the emission reductions that deliver our Net Zero 2050 come from technologies that are currently at the demonstration or prototype phase (IEA). And yet, only 4% of private investment in Europe last year went into climate tech solutions.

He goes on to discuss how digitalization of manufacturing and Industry 4.0 could support greater collaboration between early stage innovators and the manufacturing industry to accelerate the development of climate innovations. This move could help to de-risk a startup like IPG's route-to-market, through enabling innovators and manufacturers to both share in the value created in doing so.

“I think last year, only 3 to 4% of private investments went into climate tech energy and energy tech start-ups. Despite everything you hear in the news, this is actually a relatively niche investment opportunity. It comes down to the fact that hardware is hard – bad pun! What you therefore need to do is bring together the technical expertise to de-risk that journey for not only investors, but for everyone involved in that value chain.”

Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts, or read the write up by The Manufacturer here.


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