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The IPG Flameless Generator:

Switch to renewable fuels today without risking power supply

Reduce carbon, cut dangerous pollution…

Our Flameless Combustion technology delivers clean, fuel-agnostic power to enable construction companies to switch to renewable fuels today and eliminate avoidable NOx, CO and PM emissions that contribute to poor air quality onsite and in the community.

and switch to renewable fuels today without risk…

Compatibility with Hydrogen, Biogas, Biomethane, and HVO, as well as Natural Gas and Diesel, ensures jobsites can be sustainably powered with whichever renewable fuel is available, with the energy security of being able to call upon on conventional fuels as a backup.

with a futureproof and scalable solution…

Eliminating pollutant emissions and ultimate fuel-flexibility, at the ‘flick of a switch’, couple to ensure resiliency to evolving fuel market dynamics and ever more stringent emissions regulations, meaning your business can take greater steps towards net zero with confidence.

…that is easily serviceable and highly recyclable at end-of-life.

Simple technology that uses standard materials and established manufacturing processes, to deliver a low cost and easily serviceable replacement to diesel generators that will be easy to recycle when no longer serviceable.

The benefits

Why choose IPG Energy?

Product specification

Sustainable power for every jobsite.

  • Fuel-agnostic for sustainable power you can rely on

  • Pollution-free power for healthier jobsites

  • Simple technology for easy diesel genset replacement

Target net-zero operations, without putting projects at risk.

Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business. 

No matter the industry, transitioning to tomorrow’s fuels starts today.

Whether for marine, mining or microgrids, having access to clean power when and where you need it is essential. Contact us to find out how the IPG Flameless Generator can help decarbonise on-demand power requirements for your business.

“The project proved a huge success, seeing IPG advance their technology and validate their product. The IPG Flameless Generator holds a lot of promise as a cost-effective renewable energy solution for EV charging, as well as other applications, such as construction.”

Brian Cull, Project Sponsor | Energy Team, National Highways

Case study

Clean, fuel-flexible

power with National Highways.

A £1m prototype project with National Highways completed in 2022, to explore how IPG’s clean, fuel-agnostic generator could address some of the infrastructure and investment challenges of decarbonising and cleaning up our transport network.

Low and zero-carbon ready

Operate on Green Hydrogen, and other renewable fuels including Biomethane, Ammonia and HVO for net-zero and zero-carbon power.

Dynamic fuel switching for reliable power

Call upon any fuel supply chain, including Natural Gas and Diesel, to ensure continuous power supply and protect build programmes against fuel disruptions.

Stage V compliant and beyond

Flameless Combustion ensures NOx, CO and PM emissions are ≥ 98% lower than Stage V (UK/EU) and Tier 4 (U.S.) emissions regulations.

Low capital and service costs

Simple technology that uses standard materials and established manufacturing processes, that operates without the use of fuel cells or catalysts.

Flexible and scalable

 50 kW or 100 kW units can be deployed stand alone, stacked in 20 ft shipping containers and integrated with battery storage to serve power requirements of any size and in any location.

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