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Dynamic fuel switching for reliable power.

Green hydrogen

Our product operates on the ‘Hydrogen rainbow’, and Ammonia, for zero-carbon power generation, as well as all blends of Hydrogen and Natural Gas. 



Compatibility with Biogas from varying sources, HVO, Bioethanol and Biomethane means businesses can benefit from more diverse renewable fuel supply chains including local suppliers.

Conventional fuels

Able to rely on Natural Gas and Diesel as a short-term back-up, businesses can maintain reliable power supply for an energy-secure route to net-zero emissions within the timeframes needed.

Flameless Combustion for pollutant-free power.

Cleaner jobsites

Our Flameless Combustion technology prevents the formation of NOx, CO and PM emissions typical of diesel gensets, which poses a greater level of risk to construction workers (CLEC).

Healthier communities

The construction sector is one of the highest contributors to poor air quality in cities (CLEC), and local residents are exposed to higher concentrations of NOx and PM than normal during some phases of construction. 

Future-proofed compliance

With pollution emission levels of ≥ 98% lower than Stage V (UK/EU) and Tier 4 (U.S.) regulations, our product will be compliant with evolving emission regulations and health and safety standards.


“We are very excited to bring our track record of working with the industry to help IPG develop their product and their technologies. In particular, we will bring to bear our capabilities in digital manufacturing and digital twinning that helped accelerate the development of products and the manufacturing processes for our partners.”
Marcos Kauffman, Director of AME

​Sustainably power your construction site with any renewable fuel.

​Switch to renewable fuels and reduce carbon without risk and eliminate dangerous pollution for healthier jobsites with our clean, fuel-agnostic generator.

​Accelerate the switch away from diesel for your business.

​Whether for construction, events or grid-scale utilities, the IPG Flameless Generator delivers clean, reliable power from any fuel for an energy-secure route to net zero emissions. Get in touch to learn about piloting our product in your business.

Technology features

Unlike traditional fossil-fuel generators and today’s renewable alternatives, the IPG Flameless Generator uses our patented Flameless Combustion technology to deliver clean and scalable on-demand power across all fuel sources - essential for driving decarbonisation of construction operations.

Flameless Combustion for pollutant-free power from any fuel

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