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Fuel-agnostic power: In conversation with Renewables in Africa

Join IPG Energy CEO Toby Gill for a discussion on fuel-agnostic power generation and its role in enabling a low-risk, cost-effective transition from diesel, in conversation with Renewables in Africa.

From powering cranes and welfare cabins on construction sites, to enabling clean, off-grid EV charging, and even for providing back-up power to wind farms, businesses across industries are searching for a renewable alternative to replace diesel and their diesel generators.

But today, any company wishing to deploy renewable fuels at scale must contend with their high, fluctuating prices – sometimes as much as 300% more expensive than diesel - and the uncertainty of nascent supply chains. Both challenges are insurmountable with today’s fuel-based power generation solutions, and this is putting Scope 1 emissions targets at risk.

An expert in fuel-agnostic power generation, Toby will discuss the solution for unlocking a cost-effective, low-risk route to using renewable fuels at scale across a business. From the UK construction industry to rural microgrids, he will examine the promise offered by fuel-agnostic power for an accelerated transition away from diesel.

Tune into the LinkedIn Live interview at the link below at 2:15pm GMT on Thursday 29th February to join the conversation. Listen here.


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