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CEO explores the value of fuel-agnostic power for New Civil Engineer

From renewable fuels to electrification, our CEO Toby Gill explores the various solutions available to construction companies looking to achieve zero carbon jobsites at scale for New Civil Engineer.

Inspired by the recent debate around decarbonisation solutions in the New Civil Engineer - the leading resource for Civil Engineering news, innovative ideas and insights – Toby has responded with an article that reframes the ‘silver bullet’ approach to decarbonising onsite power.

While electrification holds great promise for enabling some construction sites to achieve significant Scope 1 emissions reductions, the challenge lies in addressing those sites without sufficient grid access to completely eliminate fossil fuel-based power at scale. 

If a construction companies wants to switch from diesel to a renewable fuel like green hydrogen today, they have no choice but to pay a premium to support its supply chain in the hope that the inevitable cost and availability challenges to using the fuel at scale will be resolved over time.

They also have to commit to just one renewable fuel, and its supplier – a risky, unconventional way of managing supply chains. For most construction companies, this really isn’t viable.

But what if, instead of putting all their eggs in one basket, sites could make use of every fuel supply chain and enjoy a cost-effective, low-risk route to decarbonising fuel-based power across their projects?


Read the full article on New Civil Engineer here.

For more on how we are accelerating the transition to diesel-free onsite power at scale, visit our product page.


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