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CEO among leading innovators sharing 2024 predictions with Business Cloud

Our CEO Toby Gill was invited alongside fellow winners from the EnviroTech50, and other Business Cloud tech top lists, to share his predictions for the construction industry in 2024.

In this article, collating reflections from some of the leading innovators in the tech space,  Toby reflects on the drive away from diesel and diesel-powered machinery seen in the construction industry over the last 12 months, and shares his expectations for the emergence of enabling technologies in 2024. He also discusses the potential for further enabling action to be made through incentivising the use of renewable fuels.

“The UK government can learn from peers in the USA and Europe, where subsidies are placed on renewables like hydrogen to bridge the cost disparity with diesel, by reviewing how taxation can create stronger incentives to go greener. If the government is to stimulate the transition away from diesel by enabling the use of renewables, it should consider a tax break for the use of any renewable fuel in any technology that can do so cleanly” – Toby Gill, CEO

Read the full article on Business Cloud’s website here.

For more on how we are accelerating the transition to diesel-free onsite power at scale, visit our product page.


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