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IPG Energy CEO for BusinessCloud on unlocking the transition to renewable fuels at scale

IPG Energy CEO Toby Gill recently met with BusinessCloud’s Jonathan Symcox to discuss the challenges to transitioning to renewable fuels at scale in sectors that rely on diesel for its unrivalled reliability and affordability.

Diesel generators are everywhere. From construction sites to data centres, and even providing back-up power for wind farms, diesel remains the most reliable and secure way for businesses to access power on demand.

This necessity for energy security is a key reason why diesel generators remain crucial for on-demand power in the construction industry. Nascent and uncertain renewable fuel supply chains means replacing diesel generators with HVO or hydrogen powered solutions brings with it operational risk. Companies wishing to scale these single-fuel solutions across their business are having to weigh the increased risk of delivery disruptions and power outages that emerging supply chains for alternative fuels currently present.

Switching today from diesel to green hydrogen, for example, is to go from a solution with an almost-guaranteed fuel supply and energy security to one with less reliable availability. But every time lack of supply pushes a company or site manager to purchase a new diesel generator, the transition to renewable fuels is delayed by the lifetime of this asset. In the case of the diesel generator this is seven years – a delay the construction industry cannot afford.

Fuel flexible generators can provide the solution, facilitating the removal of diesel from sites without compromising the energy security currently offered by traditional fossil fuels.

A large shipping container sits on a construction site
The fuel-flexible IPG Flameless Generator on site

Read the full article on BusinessCloud to learn more about the technology that can unlock the transition to renewable fuels for distributed power at scale. BusinessCloud delivers news, views, and reports from the UK’s technology sector.

Interested to learn how a generator can operate on any fuel? Watch our video here.


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