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IPG CEO Toby Gill’s comments published in latest edition of POWER magazine

POWER Magazine, a digital and print publication that provides insight into generation, fuels, and related technologies from across the world, has published IPG CEO Toby Gill’s comments on how the new Morocco-UK interconnector can best be used to support the UK’s net-zero transition.

Despite the significant size of this connection, that links a solar, wind, and battery storage project in Morocco to a site in Devon, Toby explains that a fresh injection of renewable electricity cannot have as large an impact on decarbonisation as it may first seem without the capacity to distribute it further into the UK. Given the potential of using the gas network as an alternative energy vector, and the solution this could offer for an aggressive decarbonization of industries that rely on distributed power, Toby questions whether the electricity network is the best way of getting this energy to the end point of use.

“An often-forgotten aspect of our energy infrastructure in the UK is the fact that we have a secondary nationwide energy distribution network, in the form of the gas system. Where this interconnector could be interesting is from the point of view of using that electricity to produce green hydrogen in Devon, which can then be distributed through the gas network. This could have a profound impact on the aspects of our energy system that are most difficult to decarbonise.”

For those businesses who rely on distributed power to transition, they need an alternative to the diesel generator that can offer the same level of energy security as diesel. IPG’s breakthrough flameless combustion technology offers this by unlocking pollutant-free power from any fuel, accelerating the transition to net-zero and zero-carbon fuels.

Read the full article in POWER Magazine's June 2022 edition, here.


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