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TechRound features IPG CEO, Toby Gill, among a panel of industry leaders

TechRound, the UK’s fastest-growing platform for startups, has featured our CEO Toby Gill among a panel of industry experts to share his predictions for the future of sustainability in 2022.

In this opinion-piece, Toby talks about the complexity of the path to a clean energy system that will enable all businesses, no matter the sector or scope, to participate in the energy transition in a way that makes sense for them. He explains how these solutions must account for the risk appetite of these businesses, and looks forward to a future brimming with collaborative potential going into 2022.

“It’s natural for decision-makers to want a simple, easy solution to their problem, a ‘silver bullet’, but the reality is that optimising cleantech infrastructures will demand a more complex set of solutions. Ultimately, education about the solutions available will still need to be at the forefront of the climatetech industry to help those considering a greener approach take positive steps towards change.”

Read the full article on TechRound's website here.


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