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The IPG Flameless Generator set to revolutionise construction decarbonisation - Hydrogen Industry Leaders

Our CEO Toby Gill explores the role of fuel-agnostic power for accelerating the transition to renewable fuels for onsite power in the latest edition of Hydrogen Industry Leaders.

Hydrogen is great from a sustainability perspective. When made using zero-carbon production methods, it holds a lot of promise for decarbonising some of even the most hard-to-abate sectors.

But for construction companies, whether because it’s too expensive, it fluctuates in price, or supply chains are not established and secure enough, hydrogen just isn’t a viable alternative to diesel at scale today.

If a construction companies wants to switch from diesel to a renewable fuel like green hydrogen today, they have no choice but to pay a premium to support its supply chain in the hope that the inevitable cost and availability challenges to using the fuel at scale will be resolved over time.

They also have to commit to just one renewable fuel, and its supplier – a risky, unconventional way of managing supply chains. For most construction companies, this really isn’t viable.

But what if we could put businesses back in control, by giving them precision control over costs along with a guarantee that they would always have the power they need, when they needed it?


Read the full article in Hydrogen Industry Leaders here.

For more on how we are accelerating the transition to diesel-free onsite power at scale, visit our product page.

Hydrogen Industry Leaders is a monthly eMagazine that brings thought-provoking articles that take a deep-dive into the most pressing hydrogen stories, complemented by industry insights and global hydrogen updates.


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