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IPG CEO features on BuiltWorlds Analyst Call

Toby Gill, CEO of IPG Energy, will be speaking in the BuiltWorlds Building Tech: Energy and HVAC Analyst Call on Wednesday 22nd February.

As part of a discussion of industry experts exploring the innovative technologies construction companies can call upon to reduce their climate impact while maintaining resilience changing environmental legislation, Toby will be sharing his insight into the value of clean, fuel-agnostic solutions for de-risking this transition for the industry.

Registration is exclusively open to BuiltWorld members.

BuiltWorlds is the premier, global network enabling buildings & infrastructure professionals to learn about important trends and technology, share insights, and make strategic connections to adapt and succeed in a changing world.




The only generator you need for the zero-carbon jobsite of the future.

Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business.

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