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IPG CEO Toby Gill’s 2022 industry predictions published by The Engineer

Our CEO Toby Gill has been featured on The Engineer, a digital publication that aims to champion engineering innovation and technology development from across the UK, to discuss the future of clean energy in 2022.

In this article, Toby discusses the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to innovation to accelerate the transition to net-zero, explaining that we need a suite of renewable energy solutions that make sense for businesses at all scales.

In this respect, he explains, there is no “silver bullet” approach to our clean energy needs. Instead, a hybrid solution combining the energy security of fuel-flexible power generation with battery storage and renewables offers businesses the flexibility of a tailor-made solution and the confidence to invest in green fuels even when their supply is uncertain. Thanks to these technologies, he explains, we can expect to see a surge in demand for green fuels that will, in turn, drive the transition forwards.

“Shifting from a relatively simple energy system to one that is far more complex and interconnected is critical for addressing the challenge of climate change. It’s natural for decision makers to want a simple fix, but the reality is that optimising climate tech infrastructures will demand a mix of best solutions… In 2022, we need to ensure that solutions to current problems make sense for businesses at all scales.”

Read the full article on The Engineer here.


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