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Perfect Bore to support development of the IPG Flameless Generator

IPG and Perfect Bore Manufacturing are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to develop the assembly process for volume production of key ceramic components in the IPG Flameless Generator.

IPG’s ceramic turbine component helps deliver highly-efficient, pollutant-free, fuel-flexible power from the IPG Flameless Generator. Perfect Bore’s expertise in grinding and engineering support will allow IPG to advance the development of the IPG Flameless Generator’s turbine rotor to commercial-readiness. This collaboration has the mutual aim of optimising the precision manufacturing requirements of IPG’s product, including advancing the grinding processes of different rotor elements and consolidation of the assembly process to meet low-volume manufacturing requirements.

“A key challenge for any new technology developer, like IPG, is validating the route to low-cost, volume manufacturing of their product. By calling on Perfect Bore’s expertise in manufacturing and R&D, through this partnership, IPG has secured a foundational piece to this puzzle, as we now progress towards customer trials and beyond into low-volume sales.” - Toby Gill, CEO of IPG.

“Perfect Bore recognises the potential in the IPG Flameless Generator to achieve significant market share as a true alternative to the diesel generator, at a time when industries are searching for a clean solution to their distributed power needs. In partnering with IPG, we look forward to employing our precision engineering expertise to advance IPG’s technology, answering this industry call on a large scale.” - William Laughton, Director of Perfect Bore Manufacturing.

This is a partnership enriched with precision skills and industry know-how, which combine to deliver an innovative product with the potential to achieve significant market share as a replacement to the diesel generator. It comes at a significant time for IPG as they prepare to launch their crowdfund campaign, raising funds to support deployment of customer pilot trials.

See the full press release here.


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