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London TechWatch features IPG

London TechWatch, the go-to magazine for London innovators, has published an interview with IPG’s CEO Toby Gill, following the successful first close of our £3m Series A fundraise.

The interview outlines our latest fundraise, the challenges we faced and the next steps for IPG as continue to commercialise our flameless, ceramic turbine technology.

Industrial generators have long relied on diesel fuel in locations like a construction site where diesel is already being used and is readily available or on gas in deployments at oil fields, where the fossil fuel is abundant. The next generation of generators is being developed to work with renewable fuel sources. Intelligent Power Generation (IPG) has developed a 100kW Flameless Ceramic Turbine Generator that works with any type of renewable fuel (hydrogen or biofuel) without any pollution.”

Read the full article on the London TechWatch here.


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