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Green Business Journal publishes IPG CEO Toby Gill’s vision for the future of Hydrogen

Green Business Journal, a digital publication that highlights the biggest green business and environmental news from across the UK, has featured our CEO Toby Gill as he explores the role of Hydrogen for dispatchable power generation.

In this article, Toby explains how the chicken and egg scenario between supply and demand poses a significant barrier to mass adoption of renewable fuels, such as Hydrogen, for distributed power generation. He highlights the role of fuel-agnostic technology in accelerating the transition, by providing businesses with a way of generating onsite, dispatchable power without the risks presented by renewable fuel supply issues. He looks forward to a future where this technology will form part of a bespoke suite of complementary renewable climatetech, deployed by businesses to deliver their net-zero objectives.

“Although energy security has presented challenges to the adoption of more sustainable fuels, being empowered to seamlessly change between sources will allow businesses to move forwards with their green initiatives. To deliver this vision and achieve a net-zero combination of hydrogen and other renewables as needed, there is a growing pressure for industries, energy suppliers, and technology providers to unite their efforts and help the market mature.”

Read the full article on Green Business Journal here.


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