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Rotrex to support commercialisation of IPG Flameless Generator

IPG and Rotrex A/S are pleased to announce their strategic development partnership, to advance commercial-ready compressor solutions for the IPG Flameless Generator.

This valuable collaboration will allow IPG and Rotrex to explore advancing Rotrex’s automotive Supercharger to deliver highly-efficient, pollutant-free, fuel-flexible power from IPG’s generator. The mutual aim of this partnership is to evaluate opportunities for optimisation of Rotrex’s compressor to increase overall efficiency of IPG’s product, and establish predicted maintenance and lifecycle analysis for future volume production.

“The IPG-Rotrex partnership is an exciting collaboration for IPG, and one that is vital as we progress from prototyping into a customer-demonstration product over the coming year. With Rotrex’s expertise in supercharger development, IPG can integrate a proven technology into our innovative product, helping to accelerate our development of a market-ready replacement to the diesel generator.” - Toby Gill, CEO of IPG.

“As industries set their sights on a net zero future, the call for clean solutions to our growing energy requirements is stronger than ever. By partnering with IPG, we hope to support the development of a cutting-edge climate tech that promises to answer this call across a wide range of industries, from EV charging to construction.” - Søren Schmidt, Head of Operations at Rotrex.

This partnership marks the continuation of a productive and valuable collaboration for both parties that promises to generate large-scale market potential. It comes at a significant time for IPG as they prepare to launch their crowdfund campaign to raise additional funds to support deployment of customer pilot trials.

See the full press release here.


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