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IPG is crowdfunding: support our mission to replace the diesel generator

At IPG, we are tackling the dirty secret of the energy transition: the diesel generator. If you believe, like we do, that replacing the diesel generator is a valuable way to combat climate change, then check out our latest fundraise.

We’ve partnered with Seedrs to launch an EIS-eligible crowdfunding campaign to give our partners, supporters and climate-focused investors alike a unique opportunity to join IPG’s mission to replace the diesel generator.

Our patented, breakthrough product – the IPG Flameless Generator – disrupts the ‘chicken-and-egg’ scenario between renewable fuel supply and demand, giving businesses confidence to ditch their diesel gensets today.

IPG is on a mission to replace the diesel generator. Why?

From temporary power at construction sites and festivals to back up power for data centres and hospitals, and even our renewables-based grid, the diesel generator is everywhere.

This is because, at its core, the diesel generator is very good at doing the job it was designed to do – delivering power when and where it is needed. And so, despite all the progress we continue to make with wind, solar and battery storage, businesses continue to rely on this form of power because no solution today can provide the energy security synonymous with diesel generators.

As a market still predicted to almost double in size to $30bn between now and 2030, without a true replacement to the diesel generator the world’s Net Zero 2050 target is at risk.

We are tackling this problem with our breakthrough product – the IPG Flameless Generator.

Using our patented process of flameless combustion, our breakthrough product offer businesses a net-zero, pollutant-free replacement for diesel generators. Able to operate on any fuel, our generator helps to enable the switch to renewable fuels for onsite and grid-connected power.

“Technology in the power generation sector has hardly evolved in the last few decades, meaning there is no real solution for replacing the diesel generator. IPG is tackling that problem, and in my view, it’s the best technology out there to address this issue, with potentially real global impact. That’s what makes IPG’s innovation so interesting, and I’m really excited about being involved in this story.” - Ian Marchant, Chairman of Thames Water plc, and Former non-Executive Director of Aggreko

Own a part of IPG and join our mission

Climate change is an issue that impacts everyone, but is referred to as the single greatest investment opportunity of this generation.

We are excited to offer a unique opportunity for climate-focused investors to get involved with a B2B hardware company, like IPG, and support a breakthrough innovation at a pivotal stage in its route to market. Own shares alongside experienced angel investors, and be a part of the journey towards accelerating the net-zero transition for businesses.

With our patented technology validated by Cranfield University and a £1m prototype project with National Highways soon to be completed, we’re raising to build on our early success and take us to the next stage of development. We’ll use funds to:

  • Deliver the next phase of trials with our growing list of early adopters

  • Continue innovating our climate tech

  • Set the foundation for future volume manufacturing processes with key supply chain partners

The crowdfunding campaign is now open for pre-registration. To be one of the first to join our equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs when it goes live to the public in the coming weeks, sign up now.

Alternatively, to learn more about this unique investment opportunity, please contact us:

Capital at risk. Approved by Seedrs.


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The only generator you need for the zero-carbon jobsite of the future.

Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business.

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