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IPG CEO spends ‘5 minutes with…’ Energy Digital

Energy Digital, a trusted authority on the latest energy news, has published an interview with IPG’s CEO Toby Gill in their September issue, as part of their ‘5 Minutes with…’ series.

The interview explores the challenges, as IPG sees it, to bringing distributed fuel-based power in line with our climate ambitions, and how fuel-agnostic technologies, like the IPG Flameless Generator, can enable businesses to replace their diesel generators.

“Whether you’re a construction company, an EV charging supplier or a mining company, […] the two most important factors for businesses when choosing a generator are cost and security of power supply. Investing in fuel-agnostic power generation technologies offer a way to eliminate this risk. With the capabilities to run on any fuel, businesses will avoid uncertainty in supply of specific fuels, and can actually benefit from the ever-evolving fuel market with opportunities for fuel arbitrage.”

Read the full article in Energy Digital’s September issue here.


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