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Grant secured to support manufacturing scale-up

We have secured a £50,000 grant to work with the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) to build a manufacturing blueprint for our pollutant-free and fuel-agnostic onsite power solution, the IPG Flameless Generator.

We are pleased to be one of 40 high-growth SMEs awarded a grant from Connected Places Catapult’s Clean Futures Accelerator to undertake a six-month project to answer one of the accelerator’s challenges focused on electric vehicle (EV) rollout and future fuels.

“We have seen early evidence, through our work with National Highways in which we validated our technology for unlocking EV charging in grid-constrained locations, of how EV charging can be a future market for us. Winning this grant demonstrates that our product continues to be seen as a solution poised to deliver real impact in this market for bringing EV charging to the West Midlands and the wider UK wherever grid constraints are a barrier to scaling EV charge points.” – Toby Gill, CEO of IPG Energy

The project will use the AME’s digital manufacturing expertise to detail an optimised 10,000 sq ft assembly facility for producing up to 1000 units of the IPG Flameless Generator, benchmarked against our existing assembly facility capable of delivering up to 50 units per year.

This will ensure that we can scale production both domestically and globally with minimal capital outlay, maximising production capability within any given facility.

The completed blueprint will support low-risk, cost-effective scaled production which will allow the product to deliver on growing customer demand in the construction market and in future markets, such as EV charging, which require clean, on-demand power from any fuel.

“We have been working with IPG Energy for a while now, and are excited to continue to share our expertise in digital manufacturing to help them accelerate their manufacturing readiness to deliver real impact in unlocking off-grid EV charging in the West Midlands and beyond. I am looking forward to bringing our track record of working with the industry, and our capabilities in digital manufacturing and twinning, to accelerate the manufacture of the IPG Flameless Generator.” – Dr Marcos Kauffman, AME

Learn more about the IPG Flameless Generator and our work to accelerate the transition to renewable fuels for onsite power by visiting our product page.

Read the full announcement on Business Cloud and Catapult’s website.




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Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business.

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