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Zircotec to support commercialisation of IPG Flameless Generator

IPG and Zircotec are pleased to announce their strategic development partnership

aimed at advancing thermal insulation coating solutions for the IPG Flameless Generator.

This exciting partnership will allow IPG and Zircotec to explore incorporating Zircotec’s thermal insulation coatings into IPG’s generator to enhance high-temperature performance, helping to enable the delivery of pollutant-free, fuel-flexible power at high efficiencies. This collaboration aims to increase the high-temperature capabilities and longevity of IPG’s product componentry, and enable methods and certifications for future volume production to be established.

“Our innovative technology utilises high temperatures to deliver dispatchable power without the pollutants. The IPG-Zircotec collaboration represents an exciting partnership for IPG as Zircotec’s proven expertise in thermal coatings will enable IPG to optimise the high-temperature parts of our clean-and-green replacement to the diesel generator.” - Toby Gill, CEO of IPG.

“At Zircotec, we believe in the importance of supporting emerging innovative technologies. Not only does IPG’s product promise to lead industries ranging from construction to EV charging to their net-zero targets, it also promises an additional high-volume application for Zircotec’s thermal management solutions. We are excited to partner with IPG to contribute towards the development of a market-ready solution for a greener future.” - Graeme Barette, Chief Commercial Officer at Zircotec.

See the full press release here.


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