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Selected as a Top 500 innovative UK company

We’re featured in the UKII Intelligence Report, a list that showcases the Top 500 companies driving UK innovation and industry forwards.

We’re delighted to have been recognised as one of the 500 most innovative companies in the UK with this selection in the Built Environment category of the UKII Intelligence Report.

Overcoming today’s cost and availability challenges of transitioning from diesel to renewable fuels, the IPG Flameless Generator offers a cost-effective, low-risk route to decarbonising onsite power across a business.

This feature is a great reflection of that value, and we’re delighted to have been included among this impressive group of companies innovating within UK industry.

View our full profile here.


The UKII Intelligence Report is a first-of-its-kind report delivered by We Are Incandescent and sponsored by Verizon Business showcasing 500 companies across 30 categories, with one mission: innovation for a better, brighter future.


Learn how our clean, fuel-agnostic renewable generator can help construction companies reduce carbon, cut pollution and improve air quality for site teams and the local community by visiting our product page.

Read the full report here.




The only generator you need for the zero-carbon jobsite of the future.

Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business.

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