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IPG Energy CEO is speaking at Energy Tech Summit

Our CEO Toby Gill will be speaking at Energy Tech Summit in Warsaw, Poland on 26th – 27th April.

Come and find out about the value of our clean, fuel-agnostic generator for offering businesses in hard-to-abate sectors, such as construction, the most rapid and secure route to decarbonising their operations at scale, as well as more information about the launch of our upcoming Series A.

Get in touch with Toby or Communications Officer Charlotte Aylwin to arrange a meeting.

Energy Tech Summit is the leading climate tech event in Europe, bringing together the best and brightest in the industry to forge innovative pathways towards decarbonization and challenge the status quo.




The only generator you need for the zero-carbon jobsite of the future.

Our clean, fuel-flexible renewable power solution can help your business meet your environmental and social targets, securely and at scale. Get in touch to find out more about piloting the IPG Flameless Generator in your business.

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