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Temporary power

Ending our reliance on diesel generators in applications ranging from construction and mining to data centres and manufacturing

The problem: uncertainty to the timelines and availability of renewable fuel infrastructure is a barrier to ending our reliance on diesel.

The temporary power market is dominated by diesel, which is harmful to the planet

The timelines to abundant availability of hydrogen and/or biofuels is uncertain

Existing technologies are fuel-specific and are therefore a high risk investment

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The IPG Flameless Generator for temporary power applications

IPG’s turbine technology is a cleaner-and-greener alternative to the diesel generator. It can enable sectors, including events, data centres, construction and manufacturing, to achieve their climate goals, without impacting businesses as usual.

Aligned with industry standards, 100kW modules can be stacked in containers for on-site power that is mobile and scalable. High efficiencies and low-cost design deliver a levelised cost of energy comparable to a diesel genset.

Not only can IPG’s technology deliver low-emission, pollutant-free energy on today’s cleaner fuels. It also enables businesses to transition to truly renewable power, as hydrogen and biofuel infrastructure becomes available.

Benefits in temporary power applications

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Cleaner: Pollutant-free power from hydrogen and biofuels


Flameless combustion eliminates harmful pollutants from any renewable fuel, delivering a power solution as clean and green as hydrogen fuel cells and battery storage.

Cost savings-03.png
Cheaper: Low-cost power solution that will end reliance on diesel


High-temperature ceramic and waste heat recovery deliver power plant efficiencies, reducing fuel usage and helping to off-set the high cost of renewable fuels, relative to diesel.

Futureproof: Fuel-flexible for the changing energy future


Designed to operate on any fuel, be that hydrogen, biofuels, or even ammonia, enabling businesses to adapt to changing fuel markets and transitioning to net-zero carbon fuels.

Discover more applications for our turbine

EV charging

Unlocking net-zero EV charging, where grid availability constrains carbon reduction ambitions

Grid balancing

Renewable, dispatchable fuel-based power for a more resilient, optimised and secure energy system


Join our commercial trials

To learn more about IPG’s breakthrough technology can decarbonise temporary power for your business and how to get involved with our future commercial trials, please get in touch.

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