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Grid balancing

Renewable, dispatchable fuel-based power for a more resilient, optimised and secure energy system

The problem: the distributed and variable nature of wind and solar is making grid balancing more challenging. 

Wind and solar power is variable, making balancing supply with demand more difficult.

Batteries are not designed to balance the longer-term variations in wind and solar output.

This role is currently performed by fuel-specific, heavily polluting generation technologies. 

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The IPG Flameless Generator for balancing the electricity grid

IPG’s turbine is a cleaner-and-greener alternative to the diesel generator. It can enable utilities, municipalities, and power project developers to optimise their energy systems, eliminating the need to oversize wind, solar and battery infrastructure for balancing those week-by-week or season-by-season variations in supply.

Being able to operate on any fuel, not only enables power providers to end their reliance on diesel by de-risking the switch to hydrogen and biofuels. It also enables them to leverage local fuel availability and reduce the pence per kWh.

Up to eight 100kW modules fit in a 20ft shipping container. Individual units can be turned on and off to match supply with demand, maintaining efficiency and emissions benefits, providing the flexibility and resilience our grid needs.

Benefits for grid balancing

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Cleaner: Pollutant-free power from hydrogen and biofuels


Flameless combustion eliminates harmful pollutants from any renewable fuel, delivering a power solution as clean and green as hydrogen fuel cells and battery storage.

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Cheaper: Low-cost power solution for a more optimised energy system


High efficiencies and low-cost design principles deliver a levelised cost of energy cheaper than a hydrogen fuel cell and comparable to a diesel genset.

Futureproof: Adaptable for the changing energy future


Whilst maintaining emissions and cost savings, 100kW modules can scale to match demand, and operate on any fuel, as hydrogen or biofuels become readily available.

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Join our pilot trials programme

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