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Industries and applications

Enabling businesses across industries to end their reliance on the diesel generator

Clean-and-green replacement for the diesel generator

The IPG Flameless Generator delivers fuel-flexible, pollutant-free, dispatchable power, that increases resiliency and accelerates the transition to net-zero and zero-carbon fuels. Our product serves a wide range of businesses for both off-grid and grid-integrated applications.

Rendered image of the IPG Flameless Generator
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Construction and Mining

Diesel generators are the workhorse of the construction and mining industry thanks to their dependability and flexibility. With the April 2022 red diesel tax changes doubling the cost of diesel for power generation in the UK, there are increasing calls for a clean alternative.


Without a secure and economical supply of alternative fuels, however, slow uptake of these alternatives is inevitable.

IPG’s fuel-agnostic technology provides a solution:

  • On-demand power generator for stand alone equipment including cranes, lighting and welfare

  • Operate on any net-zero fuel and switch to backups should supplies be disrupted

  • Reliable power supply from any renewable fuel, meaning project timelines are unaffected

  • Pollutant-free power, essential for projects in cities and low emission zones

  • High efficiencies reduce fuel cost - typically 80% of generator operation costs

EV Charging

Electric vehicle uptake is growing rapidly in the UK, but our electricity infrastructure is not equipped to deal with this increase in demand for public and private charging. Although existing grid connections will suffice for some sites, others will require local upgrades that are often logistically or financially infeasible. A further challenge for public charging specifically comes in predicting where precisely future demand will arise.

IPG’s fuel-agnostic technology provides a solution:

  • Dispatchable power generator can be relocated and scaled to increase fleet or commercial charging capacity to match demand

  • Dynamic fuel-flexibility to operate on the most available and economically-viable renewable fuels, meaning power unaffected by variable supplies

  • Pollutant-free power generation an essential for businesses operating in this market

  • Integrates with other renewable technologies for an optimized, resilient and flexible energy solution

IPG are working with National Highways to demonstrate our product as solution for clean, grid-independent EV charging.


Grid Infrastructure

Electrification and the transition to an energy system principally powered by distributed, variable and inflexible sources, such as wind and solar, is directly impacting network stability.


As a result, supplementary renewable fuel-based power generation is more essential that ever in providing balancing services to ensure the resilience and stability of the future grid.


IPG’s fuel-agnostic technology provides a solution:

  • Dispatchable power generator can provide load balancing whether integrated with or isolated from the wider grid

  • Reliable power supply from renewable fuel meaning power unaffected by variable fuel supplies

  • Pollutant-free power an essential for balancing microgrids in cities and low emission zones, and for meeting wider net-zero ambitions

  • High efficiencies reduce fuel cost, making this an inexpensive means of balancing the grid

  • Additional revenue-generating opportunity through grid services

National Highways prototype project

IPG recently completed a £1 million SBRI project with National Highways to address some of the infrastructure and investment challenges of decarbonising our transport network.

The project aimed to develop, deploy and test the IPG Flameless Generator technology for clean, efficient, off-grid EV charging, to enable rapid EV charging where high-capacity grid connections and on-site wind and solar are not viable. 


"Grid access and capacity issues, as well as the infeasibility of on-site solar and wind, is a barrier for EV charging in many locations. 


Highways England is funding this project to assess how IPG's turbine technology could present a solution for delivering power at a competitive cost while improving air quality, that would alleviate grid stress in high-use areas, as well as enabling remote locations to facilitate EV charging.”


Brian Cull, Senior Intelligent Transport Systems Engineer, Highways England

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