Industries and applications

Enabling businesses across industries to end their reliance of the diesel generator

Replacing the diesel generator

The IPG Flameless Generator enables businesses, in industries ranging from construction and mining to utilities and off-grid EV charging to end their reliance on the diesel generator.

We are working with global leaders in key markets to demonstrate the value of our breakthrough technology and bring our product to market.

EV charging

Unlocking net-zero EV charging, where grid availability constrains carbon reduction ambitions


Temporary power

Ending our reliance on diesel generators in applications from construction and mining to data centres and manufacturing

Grid balancing

Renewable, dispatchable fuel-based power for a more resilient, optimised and secure energy system


The IPG Flameless Generator

Our turbine technology combines breakthroughs in flameless combustion and innovations in ceramic design to deliver fuel-flexible, pollutant-free, low-cost power.

Pollutant-free power from any renewable fuel

How? By operating at high temperatures, above the temperature for spontaneous reaction from any fuel, to enable fuel-flexible flameless combustion.

Power plant efficiencies at the microscale

How? Low-cost ceramics enable temperatures beyond the limitations of metals to deliver fuel efficiencies of power plants in small-scale distributed power

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Our team combines decades of technology and design expertise with a breadth of experience in rapid development and commercial delivery.

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