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Clean, net-zero power when and where you need it

Unlocking the roadmap to hydrogen and biofuels through fuel-flexible flameless combustion

The IPG Flameless Generator

The IPG Flameless Generator is a modular generator solution designed to offer a true replacement for the diesel generator in off-grid and grid-integrated applications.


Technology features

The IPG Flameless Generator brings together IPG’s breakthrough flameless combustion process and innovations high-temperature ceramics to deliver pollutant-free, fuel-flexible, high-efficient power generation.

Fuel flexible

One product for any fuel


The IPG Flameless Generator operates above the temperature for spontaneous reaction (auto-ignition) of any fuel, allowing it to perform fuel-flexible flameless combustion.


This breakthrough flameless combustion process enables dynamic operation on different fuels, including hydrogen, HVO and biogas, and varying fuel qualities to guarantee energy security as businesses look to switch away from diesel.

Pollutant free

Eliminate the flame, eliminate pollutant emissions


The IPG Flameless Generator performs the chemical reaction of combustion without a flame, allowing it to maintain operational temperatures below those at which NOx forms (1500°C), and ensuring complete combustion. This prevents the formation of pollutant emissions, such as Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide and Particulate Matter, which are greenhouse gases and harmful to human health. 

Low cost

High efficiencies and standard materials support low cost of ownership


Innovations in compact, low-cost waste heat recovery and ceramic turbine design combine to deliver high-efficiencies, reducing fuel usage and therefore emissions and costs. The IPG Flameless Generator is also made from non-precious materials and off-the-shelf components which supports low capital and maintenance costs. Both combine to deliver a cost comparable to diesel generators.     

How does it work?

The IPG Flameless Generator uses innovative Flameless Combustion to deliver pollutant-free power from any fuel. Three supporting processes (compressor, heat regenerator, and ceramic turbine) enable high efficiencies and facilitate the Flameless Combustion process.

How does it work diagram-01.png



Ambient air enters the compressor, where pressure is increased to 3 bar

Heat Regenerator


Waste heat from turbine exhaust is used to pre-heat compressed air to 930 °C, where it flows into the combustion chamber.

Flameless Combustor


Fuel is injected into the airstream. The fuel undergoes auto-ignition and temperatures increase to 1250°C. By ensuring there are no areas of high fuel-density, no flame is formed. Complete combustion and precise temperatures prevent the formation of CO, NOx and particulate matter.

Ceramic Turbine


Clean air stream, free from pollutant emissions, spins the ceramic turbine, generating electricity. Waste heat is carried to the heat regenerator for recycling.

Unlocking the transition to hydrogen and biofuels

For businesses who rely on fuel-based power to get the job done, the dependability of the diesel generator is essential for maintaining operations. This will not change until renewable fuels become more widely available.


However, without certainty of supply, businesses cannot justify the risk to operations of switching to green fuels; without reliable demand, fuel suppliers cannot invest in producing these fuels for distributed generators.

Fuel-flexibility offers a way of breaking this chicken-and-egg scenario: generators that can switch between fuels can provide dispatchable power without the risks presented by renewable fuel supply issues, enabling businesses to transition away from diesel sooner.

From the provision of temporary power in construction and mining to grid-independent power for EV charging, IPG’s fuel-agnostic generator delivers an energy-secure alternative to the diesel generator for businesses that accelerates the transition for renewable fuels.

The ceramic turbine
The ceramic turbine

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The flameless combustor in action
The flameless combustor in action

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Assembly of the turbine
Assembly of the turbine

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The ceramic turbine
The ceramic turbine

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Discover our team

Our team combines decades of technology and design expertise with a breadth of experience in rapid development and commercial delivery.

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To discover how the IPG Flameless Generator can enable your business to transition to pollutant-free, net-zero power, and learn about pilot trials, get in touch. 

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