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The IPG Flameless Generator

Unlocking the roadmap to hydrogen and biofuels through fuel-flexible flameless combustion

The IPG Flameless Generator is a 100kW modular generator, delivering cleaner, cheaper, grid-independent power for a net-zero future.


Through breakthroughs in flameless combustion and high-temperature ceramics, IPG’s turbine generator enables businesses to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, without compromising business-as-usual.​

What is the IPG Flameless Generator?



Why does fuel-based power need to change?

Distributed, fuel-based power plays a vital role in our energy mix, from providing on-site generation where grids connections are constrained to ensuring resilience in a grid principally powered by wind and solar.


To date, this market is dominated by the diesel and natural gas genset, which is now just incompatible with our renewable and clean air future.

Hydrogen and biofuels, offer a route to decarbonising fuel-based power, but the timelines to abundant availability of these fuels is uncertain. To mitigate this risk, we need technologies that can operate on any renewable fuel, and that do so without producing harmful pollutants (NOx, CO and PM).

Why does fuel-based power need to change?

How does it work?

The IPG Flameless Generator combines breakthroughs in flameless combustion technology and innovations in ceramic design to deliver demand-responsive power without the emissions.

How does it work diagram-02.png
The Flameless Combustor

Delivering pollutant-free power from any fuel

The Ceramic Heat Regenerator

Recycles waste heat to maximise efficiencies

The Ceramic Turbine

Operates at high temperatures, beyond the capabilities of traditional metal turbines

Flameless combustor

The Flameless Combustor

Flameless Combustion Infographic-01.png
Flameless Combustion Infographic-02.png

Existing technologies:

IPG's innovation:

Conventional combustors use complex designs to create and sustain a flame – designs that are specific to the fuel being used.

No matter whether you are burning diesel or hydrogen, this will produce the pollutant emission harmful to human health (NOx, CO and PM).

IPG’s generator operates at high temperatures, above the temperature for spontaneous reaction (auto-ignition) of any fuel.

This enables our turbine to perform the chemical reaction of combustion without a flame.

Heat regenerator

Benefits of flameless combustion:

Eliminating the flame eliminates the pollutant emissions and enables operation on any renewable fuel.

The Ceramic Heat Regenerator

Ceramic Heat Regenerator infographic-01.
Ceramic Heat Regenerator infographic-02.

Existing technologies:

IPG's innovation:

Heat regenerators sustain high temperatures and reduce fuel use by recovering waste heat through metal heat exchange systems.

Existing technologies use a series of large tubes to perform heat exchange, which is difficult to scale and expensive to manufacture.

IPG have developed a patented rotary design and honeycomb ceramic structure, designed to maximise surface area for high-temperature heat exchange. 

Combined with ceramics, our Ceramic Heat Regenerator delivers highly-efficient waste heat recovery in a compact and low-cost way.

Ceramic Turbine

Benefits of ceramic heat regeneration:

Recycling waste heat from the Ceramic Turbine maximises efficiencies, reducing fuel usage and associated carbon emissions and operational costs.

The Ceramic Turbine

Ceramic Turbine infographic-01.png
Ceramic Turbine infographic-02.png

Existing technologies:

IPG's innovation:

Ceramic turbines can withstand greater operational temperatures compared to conventional metals, improving the efficiencies of the generator.

Existing ceramic turbines are typically very large and use high-cost and high-tech manufacturing processes, including complex composites and intra-blade cooling.

IPG’s turbine was designed to use ceramics, balancing high-temperature performance with strength at speed. 

Low-cost, high-temperature ceramics increases efficiency by operating at higher temperatures and keeps manufacturing costs competitive.


Benefits of ceramic turbines:

Operating temperatures beyond the capabilities of traditional metal turbines, reduces fuel usage and associated emissions and costs.

See the industries and applications for our technology 

Our technology enables businesses in a wide range of industries to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

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To learn more about IPG’s breakthrough technology, join our latest funding round or find out how to get involved with our pilot trials programme, please contact us.

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